Monday, 10 August 2009

Now Gateshead game is off

The Football Association have now forced Chester City to cancel their game at home to Gateshead Town tomorrow night.

The Football Conference were also under orders to ensure that the game was postponed, as the FA have yet to grant the Blues affiliation to their organisation.

Earlier in the day, the Football Conference clubs had voted unanimously in favour of letting Chester City take part in the Blues Square Premier League, but this seems to have been just a flimsy exercise that the FA hoped one club would say "No" and the matter would be settled, Chester City would not be allowed in.

Thankfully not one BSP club wants to kill off Chester City, and the FA are beginning to come in for more criticism as they constantly refuse to say exactly what the stumbling blocks are.

So, the saga rumbles on again, and now Chester must wait until Thursday for the Conference & the FA to meet in what is scheduled to be the meeting to end the issue.

City's next game is at home to Cambridge on Saturday.

The club have issued a rather large statement, with Stephen Vaughan building himself up to be something he'snot - a hero. The statement is here.

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