Sunday, 9 August 2009

Conference Clubs now vote on Chester's future

In the last few days, Chester City fans have seen their emotions literally go on a roller coaster ride, at the beginning of last week, the Club were relying on Solicitors & Refresh Recovery to get the Club's paperwork in order with the Football Association to get their licence to play football.

This was not achieved.

Then on Thursday, a deal was struck where Chester would accept a 25 point penalty to begin the season with. So football was the subject of fans talk once again, and who would be playing in the first game at Grays.

A deal was struck - or so we thought.

On Friday, it was then revealed that the FA had ordered the conference to postpone the game or face being in breach of the rules, and so the Conference bowed to the demands, and called off Chester's opener.

Over the weekend, we have now heard that the Conference have been asked by the FA to canvass each Blue Square Premier League club to see if they want Chester City to take part, and have demanded that anything but a unanimous vote will see the Blues kicked out of the BSP.

Early indications show that Chester have the support of the Conference clubs, and hopefully this will be confirmed by the Conference tomorrow morning, after the 10am deadline.

It also looks likely that the Gateshead match will be called off tomorrow, unless the FA seem happy to grant City with that much needed licence to play the game of football.

The saga continues into another week then.

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