Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The dust has settled...for now!

After an agonising day & evening awaiting a decision as to the club's future, we finally found out at 7.30pm that City were going to issue a statement within 48 hours about their future.

So, lots of worrying thoughts set in that this was it, I'm going to lose the club I've supported as a boy - now I've woke up and done a morning's work, I feel a whole lot worse, could this really be the end?

The questions are of course, do the FA and the Conference already know what the outcome is? If they do, they have not given any hint as to what the score is, Stephen Vaughan has advised that the talks were "frank & constructive" - let's hope that Vaughan has answered all the questions that the FA & Conference threw at him, as he is playing with our club.

It's going to be a tough time waiting again now for what will be surely be the final decision set by the FA.

I just hope it's not the final nail in Chester City FC's coffin.

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