Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Chester fans to show they care

Tonight at the Deva Stadium, Chester City fans are expected to show up in their numbers in a bid to show the national media that they want the FA to give Chester City the chance to play football.

Currently the club has not been granted affiliation to the FA, and time is desperately against the club now if they are to avoid being thrown out of the Conference, and even worse..folding.

Blues fans will be making their case heard tonight at the Deva in front of several media men that have been invited to the ground by a Chester City fan, who like others, is desperate to see her club given the all important go ahead from the FA, who are due to meet with the Football Conference tomorrow.

It's a big week for Blues fans, and some of which kicked off their protests last night at the Deva Stadium, in a bid to make their feelings about current owner Stephen Vaughan known.

Hopefully tonight, the media will take note of City's plight, and try to influence the FA to allow the Blues to take part in this season's Blue Square Premier League.

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