Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Harvey exits the Deva as Maison takes charge

Never mind the snow that's currently covering the Deva Stadium, the storm clouds that have been gathering around the place in the last 7 days have been so heavy, they've actually seen an explosion of controversy surrounding new Director of Football, Morell Maison, who surfaced at the Kidderminster away game on Boxing Day.

Last Monday evening, Maison stated that Jim Harvey was Manager of Chester City for as long as he wanted the job, and that he himself had no desire to interfere with team affairs.

Following this statement, a meeting was arranged and held between representatives of City fans United, and Morell Maison, and to CFU's surprise, Gary Metcalfe, who claimed he was there to try and broker a deal that would see Stephen Vaughan leave the club - funny that, surely Maison was there to do that?

Then just two days after those CFU committee members advised Maison & Metcalfe that Jim Harvey was the one shining light at the club, and to even think of replacing him would surely antagonise the fans to such an extent that they would surely withdraw their support of the club they so passionately follow, at a rapid rate, the fans heard the news that Jimmy Harvey had left the club by mutual consent.

Mutual consent always sounds like both parties agreed that that was best, however, Harvey was clearly qouted in the Chester Leader saying he was "bitterly disappointed" and that he had "received a call from Stephen Vaughan to tell him Morell Maison was bringing in his own management team", and that Harvey was not part of those plans.

Firstly, that is a disgrace, and secondly, what was Stephen Vaughan doing telling Harvey, as Vaughan should be having nothing to do with the club right now, so why is he still calling the shots?

Everyone is up in arms over this, and feelings are that a boycott of home games could very well be on the way, going by what the general feeling of the membership is.

This is likely to be strengthened if Maison continues the cull at the Deva, following the news yesterday that Anthony Barry has left the club, with others including Nick Chadwick, expected to follow suit, which could prompt Maison into bringing in a ruck full of "second chance" players from his soccer academy in Milton Keynes, meaning no local community engagement at the club.

That will be simply devastating.

The blog calls for the footballing authorities to block exactly what is going on, and force the ownership of the club into local hands, for the good of the club, as this simply cannot be sustained as the club hurtles on a steep downwards slope.

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