Saturday, 23 January 2010

City get ready for Stags as problems mount

The situation at Chester City got a whole lot worse the other day - amazing to think that it can get worse, based on the previous blogs on here, but on Thursday, the club managed to fall on the wrong side of the Football Conference yet again as they ended up snubbing them at a specially convened meeting to discuss the future of Chester City FC.

The owners of the club pretty much treated the Conference committee with contempt, as they had requested Stephen Vaughan Junior, and Morell Maison to attend the meeting, but only ex-Managing Director, Bob Gray ended up attending the meeting, which left the likes of Conference official Dennis Strudwick reeling.

This will have done the club no favours what so ever, and will more than likely incur the wrath of the Blue Square Premier League committee, possibly at the end of the season, who must be thinking that they cannot wait for that as they can then legitimately throw City out of their competition, as the Football League will no longer have any interest in them whatsoever at that point.

Nick Chadwick is the latest to leave the club, and City are now reaching the point where they only have a small number of players remaining at the football club, and will surely struggle to put a substitute bench together, especially seeing as Chadwick was actually an unused sub in the mid week defeat to Salisbury.

The Blues travel to Mansfield tomorrow in what will surely result in a home victory, but Chester fans expecting to make the trip are likely to voice their continuing displeasure towards the Vaughan family and Morell Maison.

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