Monday, 18 January 2010

Blues face winding up order from HMRC

Chester City have been hit with a winding up order, served by HM Revenue & Customs, and will be heard in the High Court, on Wednesday 27th January.
This latest news, in the sorry saga of the club, has seen fans of the Blues cling on to hopes that this will be the final curtain for Stephen Vaughan, who claimed recently that he is not the owner of the club, and who's only role is to provide loans to the football club - yet somehow was the man who broke the news to Jimmy Harvey that he was no longer required as manager of the club last Sunday.

Morell Maison, who also claimed that he had nothing to do with Harvey's departure is expected to move from his Director of Football role into the Manager's hotseat, and met the players for the first time this week, 3 weeks after being installed in his DoF position, which beggars belief, considering the players have not been paid for over two months now.

This week, both Anthony Barry & James Owen, left the club with Barry claiming "the situation is getting worse at the club" and also admitted that he couldn't wait to get away, with Owen reportedly heartbroken that he has had to leave his first professional club, all because the club refused to pay any wages to the players since November.

Maison, who advised he was brought to the club to introduce potential buyers which would help see the exit of the Vaughan Family - let's not forget that Stephen Vaughan Junior, is according to his father, the 100% shareholder in the club, yet, Maison admitted that there were two shareholders, both son and father.

Time is running out for the Blues, and the supporters are ramping up the heat now, with City Fans United memnbers currently voting on whether to officially boycott this season's remaining home matches - and it's expected to be a landslide verdict too, if opinions on the fans message board, Deva Chat reflects the majority view of supporters.

Meanwhile, Saturday's game at Crawley became the latest to fall victim to the weather, and will add to the list of re-arranged games, which include Eastbourne, Barrow, Kidderminster, and Rushden.

The Blues are next in action tomorrow when the face Salisbury at the Deva Stadium, in what is expected to see the lowest attendance at home for many years.

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