Monday, 22 March 2010

It's Chester FC for me!

Well, whilst Man Utd, Arsenal, and Chelsea battle it out for top spot in the Premier League, a different kind of battle is going on in the dramatic world of Chester fans.

The chance to rename the club, and make it the fans club!

The decision to allow the public of Chester, and in general, the community of Chester fans around the world, was a unanimous decision by the CFU board, as we want everyone to feel that this is their club - that's the way it has to be from now on, as the wheel slowly begins to turn towards supporters owning their own football clubs following years of mis-management.

So, what about the names then?

Well, there are four on offer, Chester FC, City of Chester FC, Chester Rovers FC, and FC Chester.

My own personal favourite has to be Chester FC. It's the name of the club I started to follow, just prior to it changing to Chester City FC, and it's the name associated with our most successful era back in the 1970's, before all the troubles began, so what better reason to return to that name.

Chester FC would also mean that our 125 year history is also well and truly intact, and would ensure that any associated with the old Chester FC would be involved with the new one, players that used to don the Seals shirts would still be recognised as former players of the reformed club - it all adds up for me.

So, what about the other names then?

City of Chester FC just doesn't sit right with me, it feels like one of those University type team names, or something off the kids programme "We Are The Champions", or even "It's a Knockout" and I just cannot get excited about it, add that to the fact that as many people have stated, we'd become an abbreviation of COC FC, that definitely doesn't work for me, we've been labelled Jester and Deviants by the Wrexham lot over the past few decades, the last thing we need is to give them more ammunition, for them to call us proper COC's!

Chester Rovers?

This one is definitely for the historians, as Chester Rovers was the very first name used by the club back in 1885, but for me, is too close to Tranmere Rovers now, and that does not sit right with me - I don't think I could get my adrenalin going singing "Rovers" - no not for me.

The final option is FC Chester, and that one isn't too bad, but it's probably more of an attempt to be a bit more continental, maybe we should have had this when Terry Smith was at the club with all of the foreigners he brought in!

The votes close at 11pm on Tuesday night, and the results are revealed just over 24 hours later on the official CFU site where it will feel like one of those new book or album launches at HMV where the shops open at Midnight - only this will be a momentus occasion as far as Chester fans are concerned, so get the pro-plus ready for the day after!

Either way, its set to be a historic moment in the lastest chapter in the reformed club's history, as CFU continue to make progress to the new era of football in Chester, let's just hope that we are talking about on the pitch matters comewhat August!

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  1. Good luck and more power to your elbow. peter a dyed in the wool Tranmere supporter.


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