Thursday, 25 March 2010

Chester FC gets the nod from fans

Chester FC was announced as the new name for the reformation of Chester City FC last night, after 70% voted in favour of going back to the old name used prior to 1983.

City Fans United announced the news at midnight last night, and fans who voted for the name, as well as those who didn't but enjoyed going to Sealand Road to watch the Blues will be delighted at the decision arrived at by the Blues faithful.

The final voting was as follows:

Chester FC - 70%
City of Chester FC - 16%
FC Chester - 9%
Chester Rovers FC - 5%

It was a resounding majority win then for Chester FC then, and that is the latest step taken towards bringing the club back to the supporters, with the next vital step being to secure the lease on the Deva Stadium - hopefully the Council will see fit to assign the lease over to the new club, and we can properly get ready for seeing a Chester side run out at the Deva in August.

I'm personally delighted at the fact that Chester FC has been voted the number one name, as it really does keep the history of the old club going, 125 years of history did not die the other week, it was merely broken, and now the CFU are gluing those cracks together again, to make sure that life continues for Chester City fans.

There will be plenty of exciting times to come soon, with debates over the club badge, the kit, Manager, and Players of course - but we need the ground first before we can plan for any of that.

One thing to come out of yesterday was the fact that any approach made by anyone wishing to apply to reform the club in the same way CFU have done, will actually be re-directed on to the CFU as the FA will only deal with the one application, so it means the likes of the Vaughan family - if they wanted to reform the club - would have to contact City Fans United in a bid to try and work with them on the future of Chester FC.

Four words...NEVER...GOING...TO...HAPPEN!

"We're Chester!"

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