Monday, 1 February 2010

What a week!

Since the thrashing at Mansfield last weekend, the past week has been another tough one to endure for Chester City fans, and like the other weeks recently, one they'll want to forget.

The first thing to happen last week, as for Stephen Vaughan Senior to announce that the club was available for £1.00, but that any prospective new owner would have to pay the outstanding creditors, believed to be around £138,000.

This sale offer was announced just two days prior to the Court case at the High Court, where the club was facing a winding up order, if anyone was being wound up, it was the Chester fans, knowing that their club was available for a pound, but likely to see many more debts than the £138,000 stated by Vaughan.

The case then took place on Wednesday, and the Judge decided that Chester would be given a further 42 days to find a buyer for the ailing club, a move which didn't really help matters, more prolong them.

The City Fans United members then met the following night, and heard that any prospective buyer would need to prove they had £500,000 available in CASH!!!

The CFU members also agreed that a request should be made to the solicitors dealing with the sale of the club to request a purchase pack, and so far the CFU have not received a response.

Then the latest twist to the story, on Friday, the players announced that unless they were paid overdue wages, they would not play their fixture against Grays the following day, and they were rewarded with a paltry one week's pay, with still ten weeks money owed to them, which they are due to receive over another two instalments, although that remains a possibility rather than a probability at this point in time, especially as the players were alledgedly paid in Scottish notes - unbelievable.

So, game on then, the players giving the thumbs up to the press on the way out of the Deva Stadium at around 4.30pm on Friday afternoon after training for the first time since the Mansfield defeat.

Game on, so we thought, but then divine intervention, as Mother Nature then got involved, and a frozen pitch meant that the game would not go ahead, a potential victory for the players then, who had threatened originally not to play, then agreed the day before with money in their pockets for the first time since November, but then not having to actually play the day after anyway!

Isn't it funny how these things turn out??

So, we are at the start of another week, I wonder what this one will bring?

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