Saturday, 13 February 2010

Blues given 7 day stay of execution

Well Thursday was a long day for Chester City fans, and a day that saw the Football Conference give the club a 7 day period in which to respond to 5 different breaches of Conference rules.

Whether the club can come back from this is extremely doubtful, and next Thursday could be the day that finally sees the end of Chester City FC in its current guise.

Many would argue that the club is already dead, and that Thursday will finally lay to rest the Club that has been ripped apart at the seams through gross mis-management, and will allow the fans the chance to start again, and try to bring the community together to get behind a new club, that the fans can be proud of, something which they have not been able to do for some time now.

The owners of the club right now need to look at themselves, and see what they've done:

Ruined 125 years of history
Alienated fans
Alienated businesses
Alienated footballing authorities
Failed to pay it's own employees
Treated other football clubs with contempt

There are many, many other reasons why the owners should be 100% accountable for their wreckage of a once fine club, sadly, they don't even have the guts to come out and admit their faults.

They cannot even admit who is responsible, the laughable ownership of Stephen Vaughan Junior, yet not a word from the 25 year old, only words, calls, and texts from Stephen Vaughan Senior, who claims not to have any influence on the football club following his banning order - yet he is the one who continues to make the call on what the club is valued at, or indeed listed for sale at.

Vaughan Senior is the one who is clearly pulling the strings, and one day, he'll get his comeuppance for damaging the fne name of Chester City Football Club.

Vaughan himself, seems to think they can do a "Phoenix" too, well their first attempt at that began last Summer, and failed miserably, by running up insurmountable debt, which is why no buyer has been found for the ailing club.

Chester City FC is no more - it pains me to say it, being a lifelong fan, but the club is in tatters, it cannot even pay a coach bill to transport players to a fixture.

The time has arrived for fans to pull together and launch a new club, and once Thursday's decision has been made by the Football Conference, the time to really push ahead with those plans will have arrived.

The local Council are key to football continuing in Chester, and this blog calls on them to assign the lease over to City Fans United, who will pay the rent, who will get the community involved in the club, and make the area proud to have it's own football club again.

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