Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Local businessmen interested in buying Blues

A report in today's Daily Post suggests that three local businessmen are interested in buying Chester City, but have so far been unable to meet the current owner Stephen Vaughan.

One of the businessmen, who does not want to be named publicly said “Obviously I will not conduct negotiations via the media, but we have been trying to contact the club to arrange a meeting, however, we currently aren’t receiving any responses.

“The weekend reports of the projected financial loss are extremely concerning, and something needs to happen if the club is to survive.

“Hopefully we can get round a table with the owner in the next few days.”

Let's all hope for the sake of Chester City, that Stephen Vaughan finally sees some sense and meets the three, with the intention of walking away from the club that he has spectacularly wrecked systematically in the last few years.

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