Monday, 26 October 2009

Blues given extension to November 16th

Chester City Football Club have bought more time in it's bid to satisfy the demands of the Football Conference, and have had their request to extend the deadline to November 16th.

Here's the statement just released by the Football Conference (at 6.45pm, Monday 26th October):

The Football Conference has issued the following statement on the current situation at Chester City FC...

Following a notice issued to Chester City FC by the Football Conference on Monday, 19th October 2009 relating to the Club’s failure to comply with a compromise agreement containing the Club’s conditions of membership, and a subsequent statement referring to the non-payment of football creditors, a further statement is issued as follows:-

Discussions between the Football Conference, the Football League, the Professional Footballers Association and Chester City FC have taken place during the past seven days, and are on-going.

In the light of the wish of all parties to seek a satisfactory resolution the Football Conference has agreed to defer any decision on the Club’s future membership until Monday, 16th November 2009, enabling the Football League to discuss certain issues which have been referred to its Board of Directors.

All parties are working together in an attempt to preserve the future of Chester City FC. The club has, however, been duly informed that unless it complies in full with the conditions of membership it agreed with the Football Conference, the Competition will move to consider the club’s expulsion, in accordance with the said agreement with the Football Conference.

What's next then for the Blues?

Find out on November 16th!

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