Friday, 4 September 2009

City Fans United gets going!

City Fans United, the new fans group designed to make Chester Fans groups unite under the same umbrella, has officially got going.

Chester City ISA & Chester City Supporters Trust have got together, and thrashed out their future hopes, meaning one supporters group, City Fans United.

The name has been decided, the working party also decided, to get lift off for the new group, which starts their action of getting new members to sign up this Saturday.

Lots of initiatives will be coming Chester Fans way very soon, where CFU intend to get the Chester support back on track, and prepare for any eventual move to maybe one day buying into the Club, and offer a better stewardship in future years.

Already the supporters who are voting with their feet right now have vowed to pay their £15 entrance money into the coffers to still show their support for the club, but not the owner, which under the current circumstances is fair enough.

Chester City fans have suffered the disastrous administration filled summer, but do not want to turn their backs on the club, many will still attend of course, but others will not go simply whilst Stephen Vaughan is at the helm.

Chester Fans United is here, and here to stay, now the Group are calling for Fans to get involved, and register as members.

The CFU website will soon be launched, and will be a breath of fresh air to the Club's fanbase.

For the time being please feel free to send your ideas via the comments below, and they will be forwarded to the group, of which I am part of at the outset, to take forward, and put into place.

The Future Starts Now.

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