Saturday, 5 December 2009

City allowed to continue following League decision

The Football Conference and Football League have allowed Chester City to continue their season in the Blue Square Premier League, following the withdrawal of their expulsion threat following an agreement that sees Chester City pay £36,600 to the footballing authorities.

Chester had owed close to £100, 000 but were also owed money by the Football League, and that was the main reason for the delay in agreement, Chester wanted their money, but the League wanted a payment from Chester to be made to the club's footballing creditors.

Here's the statement made by the Football Conference:

The Football Conference Limited issues the following statement in relation to Chester City FC, as of 3rd December 2009….

The Football Conference and the Football League have been working together to reach a decision over the release of discretionary payments in favour of Chester City FC, thereby retaining the integrity of both competitions and enabling legal undertakings and orders were met by the Club.

As part of a commitment made by Chester City FC towards settling these matters, Chester City FC agreed to make up any potential shortfall between the funding due and football creditors. The Club has, therefore, lodged a payment of £36,600 with the Football Conference. Upon clearance of such payment and release of that funding, the threat of expulsion from membership will be withdrawn.

Brian Lee, Chairman of the Football Conference states: “Together with my fellow Directors and staff at the Football Conference; and with our other football partners, particularly the Football League and the PFA, everyone has worked tirelessly to save Chester City FC from expulsion. The Club’s recent history should send a warning signal to every club.

He added: “In anticipation a satisfactory conclusion will be reached, we are hopeful those who have supported the club through such difficult times, especially the fans on the terraces, appreciate the position we as a competition faced in dealing with this situation. We wish all those currently connected with Chester City FC will ensure the club deal promptly with all matters of financial prudence in the future and our combined efforts will not have been in vain.”

This now means that Chester City are back in action on Saturday, but the focus will surely be on owner Stephen vaughan Junior, on whether he is being influenced by his father, ex owner Stephen Vaughan.

Rumours are abound once again that the club has not paid its rent to the local council, and with wages due again in a couple of weeks time, the footballing authorities called be called in again before the year is out.

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