Sunday, 29 November 2009

Police abandon Eastbourne match after Protests

Chester City's match against Eastbourne Borough at the Deva Stadium on Saturday, was interrupted and eventually abandoned following peaceful protests from Chester City fans angry at the way Stephen Vaughan has toyed around with Chester City Football Club.

The club are on the brink of being kicked out of the league, and possibly verging on closure due to the fact that monies are owed to the club's football creditors.

Chester had taken a 3-2 lead at the Deva before protesters made their way on to the pitch for a second time in the game, the first being in the opening half of the game.

Shouts of "Vaughan Out" were then prominent from the supporters, who quite clearly have had enough of the Liverpudlian Boxing promoter, and flags and banners were also unfurled on the pitch, before both stewards and police were forced to intervene.

Criticism of Cheshire Police was rife, following their decision to force the abandonment of the game based on the small protest, and in general failing to control a crowd of under 900.

City had taken the lead in the first ten minutes through an Anthony Barry belter from 20 yards, but was soon levelled up by a long range effort from Liam Enver-Marum.

Lloyd Ellams then put City 2-1 ahead, before Borough again equalized through Kayne McLaggon, and just when thoughts seemed to be turning towards more points being thrown away, Nick Chadwick popped up with a header to make it 3-2, before the second protest of the game got underway.

It remains to be seen what the authorities will do regarding the abandonement, but as this could have been the fans last chance to make their voices heard before Monday's crunch deadline, they can be forgiven for doing what they had to do, in a bid to raise the spotlight on Chester City Football Club - something they have succeeded with considering the story being covered nationally.

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